Satellite Absentee Voting

Satellite absentee voting locations to provide in-person absentee voting at convenient locations other than the Election Services' Office.

Use the Satellite Calendar to see if there are any satellites for the current election.

The absentee ballot must be voted at the satellite location and deposited into a sealed ballot box.

You cannot take the ballot home with you.

All satellite locations must be accessible to people with disabilities.

An accessible ballot marking device is available for voters who may need assistance.

Satellite locations are not required to be provided in each election.

A satellite location may be requested by filing a petition with the Election Services' Office.

The petition must contain signatures of at least 100 eligible electors living in the jurisdiction.

The petition must be filed with the county auditor conducting the election by the filing deadlines listed in Section 53.11, which varies by election type.

Download a petition form from the Secretary of State website.