Title Transfers

A Bill of Sale signed by the seller is required for all transfers even if the transfer is a gift. 

A new owner has 30 days to present the properly assigned title to his/her county treasurer so that a title can be issued in the new owner’s name. Penalties will apply after 30 days.

A buyer can drive the vehicle for 30 days without plates, as long as the vehicle was currently licensed by the seller. The properly assigned title and proof of insurance must be available in the vehicle in case the buyer is stopped by law enforcement.

All documents are to be completed in black or blue ball-point pen. Payment with all original documents must then either be mailed or dropped in our dropbox located at the front of our building. 

Seller(s) completes:

  • Title assignment: Buyer(s) name and address on the assignment line. Up to three names may be listed as owners on a title.
  • Date of Sale
  • Signature of seller: If jointly owned with "AND" between  both sellers must sign and print their name as seller. If jointly owned with "OR" between the names then just one of the sellers need to sign and print their name. 
  • If the vehicle is 20 years old or NEWER: complete the odometer reading AND mark the appropriate odometer legend. Only one seller must hand print as indicated under signature of seller which is starting with vehicles 2011 and newer. 
  • If the vehicle is 7 years old or newer: complete the damage disclosure questions on the back of the Iowa title.

Buyer(s) completes:

  • Signature of Buyer: All purchasers need to sign and print their names as buyer to verify mileage. 
  • Complete the Iowa Application for Iowa Title and/or Registration  in black or blue ball-point pen.
  • Owner Information - All buyers must complete owner information (1, 2, & 3) AND all buyers are required to sign at the bottom of the application.
  • Primary User Information only complete if applicable.
  • Vehicle Information - completed by using the information on the title. Do not include a plate number unless you are using a plate from a vehicle sold or traded.
  • Security Interest Information - if there is a lien to be noted on the title, provide all information requested. If no lien against the vehicle, print “none” after the words “If none, so state.”
  • Purchase Price - must be declared. If no purchase price, mark the box and complete page 2 of the application for the tax exemption. Purchase price needs to match bill of sale. 
  • Business Trade truck exemption information box may be checked if applicable