COVID-19 News & Updates

Linn County Public Health provides updated information on the COVID-19 global pandemic as information changes and new information becomes available. These updates are available through this website, through News Flashes, COVID-19 Status Updates, and on Facebook and TwitterPlease subscribe and follow all communication channels to stay informed. Our number one priority is protecting the health of our community. 

  1. COVID-19 Vaccine Phase 1B Update

    As Phase 1B of the COVID-19 Vaccine rollout continues this week, Linn County Public Health has updated information for Phase 1B populations. Read on...
  2. Mask Mandate Still in Effect in Linn County

    Linn County residents, businesses, and visitors are reminded that the mask mandates previously put in place by the City of Cedar Rapids, the Linn County Board of Health, and the Linn County Board of Supervisors are still in effect in Linn County. Read on...
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News Conferences

For 11 weeks, Linn County Public Health along with community partners, hosted regular news conferences to provide COVID-19 updates to the media and public. Due to the local COVID-19 situation beginning to stabilize and the rate of new information and recommendations slowing, Linn County Public Health will be transitioning out of hosting regular news conferences, but will remain ready to provide information as needed. News conferences will now be held on an as needed basis. The news conferences, when held, are live streamed on Linn County’s YouTube channel and Linn County Public Health’s Facebook page. Full summaries and videos for each news conference are available below.

Please remember there is still spread of COVID-19 within Linn County. People continue to become ill and become hospitalized and die from this disease. Therefore, the public needs to stay vigilant and continue to practice prevention activities to protect themselves and the community from COVID-19.

News Conference Summaries